Mystery & Dust Official release 

You can now stream the whole album here, and of course buy it!
I recommend the real album with its amazing artwork, booklet with all the lyrics, hold it in your hands, turn the pages, make it an experience. It was a joy to make and struggle on every level, but isn't that were joy is often found?

The Emergency of Music 

This first blog is a short story about the connection between being a musician and a nurse in the ER. 

The first time I ever did chest compressions on a guy who was clinically dead I felt his ribs crack under my hands, that's normal!
A few minutes later I heard the Doctor say "Stop!". He had a pulse. Read more

Origami Paper Wings 

A video of Paper Wings. No birds were harmed in the making of this video, but damn I got a few paper cuts!

FMO here I come 

Toronto Folk Music Ontario conference here I come!
Showcasing in World of Music ROOM 339 - Friday @ 1:00am

New album in the making 

Spent an amazing week recording music on Lac Labelle with some great musicians. The album Mystery and Dust will be out in October!


Rehearsing the new tunes with the ever joyful Kevin Warren on drums, laughing Buddha Zoé Dumais on violin, 'ba-dum ching' Rémi-Jean LeBlanc on bass.



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