CTV story 

More Olive on TV, what a week, thanks CTV and Christine Long.

Global Olive 

Live TV bright and early on Global Montreal, watch the interview and hear 'Paper Wings':

Mystery & Dust Official release 

You can now stream the whole album here, and of course buy it!
I recommend the real album with its amazing artwork, booklet with all the lyrics, hold it in your hands, turn the pages, make it an experience. It was a joy to make and struggle on every level, but isn't that were joy is often found?

The Emergency of Music 

This first blog is a short story about the connection between being a musician and a nurse in the ER. 

The first time I ever did chest compressions on a guy who was clinically dead I felt his ribs crack under my hands, that's normal!
A few minutes later I heard the Doctor say "Stop!". He had a pulse. Read more

Origami Paper Wings 

A video of Paper Wings. No birds were harmed in the making of this video, but damn I got a few paper cuts!

FMO here I come 

Toronto Folk Music Ontario conference here I come!
Showcasing in World of Music ROOM 339 - Friday @ 1:00am



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