Music Cycling and Blue Dot 

This summer Derek will be heading out on tour by bicycle in support of the Blue Dot campaign! The tour will see Derek ride over 3000 km while playing shows across much of the country to promote the Blue Dot campaign, and of course his new CD Mystery and Dust

The Blue Dot campaign is all about recognizing that we are deeply connected to the world around us and that if we value something so deeply, our highest laws should reflect that. No matter who you are or where you live, every Canadian deserves the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food. More than 110 nations recognize their citizens’ right to live in a healthy environment. But not Canada. That is why Derek has joined the Blue Dot movement. 

Check out the SHOWS section as there are dates being added weekly and more info about the Blue Dot Music Cycling Tour.

Live in Montreal 

Check out the new video of 'Inventing the Sun' from the CD launch in Montreal. 
The first verse of the song was born while Derek was riding across Canada on his first music cycling tour and saw a flower pushing up through the asphalt. That is determination!

Mystery & Dust Offical Release 

You can now stream the whole album here, and of course buy it!
I recommend the real album with its amazing artwork and booklet with all the lyrics. Hold it in your hands, turn the pages, make it an experience. It was a joy to make and struggle on every level, but isn't that were joy is often found?

The Emergency of Music 

This first blog is a short story about the connection between being a musician and a nurse in the ER. 

The first time I ever did chest compressions on a guy who was clinically dead I felt his ribs crack under my hands, that's normal! A few minutes later I heard the Doctor say "Stop!". He had a pulse. Read more



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